Scientific CouncilHospital InfectionsEthics and DeontologyQuality Committee

President of FILOKTITIS Scientific Council

George Vissarakis, PRM Doctor

Members of the Scientific Council

S. Nanas, Internist –Critical Care, Professor of Pathology –Critical Care at the University of Athens, Chief of ICU Clinic at the “EVAGGELISMOS" Hospital Th. Kaloniatis, General Internal Medicine K. Zavras, PM&R Doctor P. Vorniotakis, PRM Doctor

K. Botsas, Internist

K. Kritsos, Internist

A. Safouris, Neurologist

The Hospital Infections Committee plans and suggests steps and actions for the prevention and control of hospital infections and monitors their implementation with a view to maintaining the Hospital Infections rate at very low levels and to protect the health of FILOKTITIS patients and personnel.

The Committee continuously monitors the types of Hospital Infections by recording cases of infections and by detecting the most common pathogens occurring in the Clinic, assesses and carries out statistical analyses of the data collected to constantly improve the practices already being implemented.

It carries out inspections to verify that the hospital premises are sanitized, cleaned, and disinfected by the personnel, in accordance with the stipulated regulations to maximize the benefits for patients and offer the staff maximum levels of protection.

Finally, it informs the staff and facilitates its training on Hospital Infections by organizing training meetings, lectures, and day conferences.


President : S. Nanas, Internist –Critical Care, Emeritus Professor of Pathology –Critical Care at the University of Athens, Chief of ICU Clinic at the “EVAGGELISMOS" Hospital - President of the Committee

Vice President: G. Vissarakis, President of Scientific Director, Doctor in PM&R


Ilian Grigorov – CEO

K. Zavras, Doctor in PM&R

P. Vorniotakis, Doctor in PM&R

K. Kritsos, Internist

K. Botsas, Internist

Ch. Kontogiorgou - Director of Nursing DepartmentM. Proreli - Deputy Head of the Infectious Diseases DepartmentA. Kanellopoulos -  Deputy of Technical Dpt

M. Seirlis, Deputy of Supplies

All private clinics have a 5-membered Ethics and Deontology Committee with a three year term, composed of physicians responsible for presenting opinions on medical and ethical issues to the Board of Directors and ensuring that medical ethics and deontology rules are applied.


Ilian Grigorov – CEO


M. Gioti, Quality Assurance Officer, Operations Manager


G. Vissarakis, PM&R Doctor, Scientific DirectorK. Botsas – Internist

Ch. Kontogiorgou-Manager of Nursing

K. Kritsos-InternistM. Proreli - Deputy Head of the Infections Diseases DepartmentA. Vozani - Chief of Nursing Dtp- Chapter AE. Katsiki - Chief of Nursing Dtp- Chapter BD.Gyftopoulos - I.T. DptM. Seirlis - Supplies.

G. Papadimas - Technical and Security Coordinator for Security

A. Kanellopoulos- Technical Dpt

M. Voutsina- Clinical Dietician

E. Vagena, CP - Deputy of Therapeutic DptM. Stathokosta, OT- Deputy of Therapeutic DptI. Papadimitriou, Deputy of Personnel

N. Vamvakaris- External Consultant